Friday, 2 July 2010

On the Way to....

Often I have had to drive past things that I really wanted to photograph. Sometimes you can't stop because of time, sometimes its because of security but either way it's hugely frustrating.

Back when most of my pictures were shot on film I had to just take this fact as part of the ebb and flow of professional photography. But since the advent of digital (it's not quite as expensive to just fire off lots of pictures at random stuff) I have been clicking-away at will and it has begun to make an amusing collection of pictures.

This picture of a balloon-seller in Kabul is a particular favorite of mine because of the unexpected joy and explosion of colour in the very dusty, muted shades of the ring-road. It took me so much by surprise that I barely had time to pick the camera off my lap.

The simple joy of a colorful balloon in a place with so many hardships never fails to make me smile.


Jeremy said...

I'm surprised he didn't take off, fly away...
nice pic, just found your enjoyable blog,

Justin Sutcliffe said...

Jeremy, thank you and very flattered that you like it.

I have been a regular fan of Tokyoland for a while now and I think we have a mutual friend in Stuart Conway, who is even as we speak, re-populating the South East of England almost single-handedly (if you pardon the expression)

Hope I can continue to produce posts that you enjoy.