Friday, 10 August 2012

Diary Picture - 07 July 2012

Storm gathers out of a blue sky, crossing back to Portsmouth on the Isle of Wight ferry.


Anonymous said...

Moody indeed. Any filters used please?

Justin Sutcliffe said...

Hi DaveP,

Glad you liked the picture. It was a slightly mad-looking storm and unusually dark.

No filters were used but it was under-exposed deliberately in order to accentuate the contrast and keep details in the highlights.

In post production I have brushed a little bit of 2% burn tool along the bottom of the picture. to even the tones in the water and then unsharp mask (200, 0.3 radius) after the file was downsized from the original just to recover the detail in the reflections.

Hope that answers your question. Many thanks once again.